Sunday, 6 July 2014

Hiatus Over, Excuses Be Damned!

We'd like to say we've spent the last two months in a coma, traveling the high seas, or stuck in a Turkish prison, but that would be a lie - a pathetic, thinly-veiled excuse for what could ordinarily be construed as mere laziness or a basic failure to take this blog or its readers seriously.

Truth is, we went shopping one afternoon at IKEA, slipped into that magical quicksand of plastic balls and through a parallel universe filled with cheap hot dogs and tattooed Stieg Larsson lookalikes from which we only recently managed to escape, and that's why we haven't reviewed a movie since April. (Oh, IKEA, your intoxicating treasures never fail to beguile unwary souls.)

Hiatus over! Now back to our regularly-scheduled program. . .

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